This European directive stipulates that structures and structural components in stainless steel, steel and aluminum must meet a certain quality. The quality is guaranteed by a quality control system (FPC) and a welding quality management system. By means of regular checks, inspections and traceability we closely monitor the production of technically complex structures within SMO. Our operation according to EN1090 is largely described in procedures and welding method descriptions. These are therefore followed and maintained by our staff.

Under the guidance of an internal and external welding coordinator, our welders make technical constructions with a high degree of accuracy. Welding work is only carried out by certified welders with approved equipment.

The EN1090 standard has recently been introduced. As the standard becomes more widely known, more and more end customers will demand this certificate from their suppliers. SMO has therefore opted to achieve this standard. You can contact us for complex, technical constructions according to the EN1090 standard, up to execution class 3.

More info: EN1090


ISO9001 is an international standard for quality management. Just like with the EN1090 standard, machine builder SMO sets up a system to guarantee quality by using checks, follow-up moments, communication folders, … Only this standard goes much further. While at EN1090 we only focus on technical constructions, the ISO9001 standard applies to both technical constructions, as well as industrial automation and customized machine construction. Our entire operational management is cast into a structure that allows people to work efficiently and well.

As an innovative customized machine builder, SMO wants to continue to develop and improve. Achieving ISO9001 helps us with this. We are therefore immediately certified for the new version of the ISO9001 standard, namely ISO9001 – 2015.



SMO has stood for customized machine construction for many years. SMO tries to meet your requirements as well as possible and to guarantee quality. We expect nothing less than the best from both our employees and our suppliers. In addition, the company attaches great importance to the safety of its employees.

Since 2016, machine builder SMO is therefore a VCA-certified company. If a company has a VCA certificate, it shows that they meet a number of requirements in terms of safety, health and environment. SMO applies this to all its departments: bespoke machine construction, business automation and technical constructions.

VCA is more than just a checklist. It shows that you can count on SMO for safe and reliable business operations. We believe it is important that our employees can function well in a safe working environment. In addition, we also attach importance to the working atmosphere and the satisfaction of our employees. All this is reflected in the quality of our customized projects.