Custom engineering from A to Z, the core business of SMO

Customized machine building is the core business of SMO. SMO is the the ideal partner for machines that deviate from the standard. As a customized machine builder, we go where others stop.

Our projects are very versatile. Under the motto “Everything is possible” we can go far in certain cases with our custom engineering. However, the budget is also a determining factor. Together with the customer, we do our best to achieve the best possible price-quality ratio for their bespoke project.

Our projects are not delineated. We are versatile in both the industries and the projects. After all, there is no limit on innovation.
SMO delivers customized machines, prototypes, turnkey projects, etc.
SMO is a certified machine builder. Our machines are built according to the machine guidelines.

Everything starts with engineering. Each project is assigned its own responsible from our engineering team. A close collaboration starts from the first sketches to the installation of the machine. Together with the client, the idea is developed into a realistic concept. To support the theory with practice, a test set-up can also be built to adjust the further elaboration. In addition, 3D simulations are also possible to give the customer a better insight into the end result. SMO already has a lot of experience with building and optimizing prototypes. It’s a process of “trial and error”. That’s why it’s called development. We continue to optimize until both we and the customer are satisfied with the customized machine.

If the prototype is approved, SMO can also go further. As a machine builder, we have everything necessary to realize a project completely in-house. Our workshops are arranged in such a way that we can make almost everything ourselves. This way we can guarantee a short lead time for your project. SMO has, among other things, a lathe, milling machine, bending machine, laser, sawing machines, etc. In addition, we also have the space and capacities to build and order the machines to size in our own workshop.

However, it does not stop there. At SMO we also offer good service, which continues after the installation of the project. Customers can also come to us for fine-tuning, repairs and training.

Take a look at some of our finished custom engineering projects on this page.