Automation tailormade for your company or project

SMO is your partner for the implementation of far-reaching business automation. Together with the customer we look for the most efficient way of working with higher productivity and / or lower costs as a result.

Business automation is usually improvement during the production process that are achieved through standard mechanical movements in combination with sensors and a control via PLC . These can also be very extensive projects such as complete production lines. These projects may also be tailor-made.

In most cases, our engineering can start from the client’s predetermined concept as he usually has the idea to implement an improvement in the current production process and knows in which way he wants it. Automation also includes electrical cabinets, machine cabling, PLC controls, vision and robotics. Design of electrical diagrams, construction of electrical cabinets, machine cabling and PLC control are carried out internally. For larger production lines or at your request, we can also work with specialized partners for your tailor-made project.

Just like a tailor-made machine construction, every automation is also a one-off project and therefore thorough optimization after installation is a must. SMO never avoids solving these “teehing problems”, but a clear distinction between original agreements and extra work is crucial.

Take a look at some of our finished projects on this page.