Tilt machine

This tilt machine was developed for Artimpex NV, and is being marketed as a Cryonomic® Dry Ice Repacker.

The purpose of this machine is to dose dry ice from a large container into small boxes.
The container itself is tilted upside down in the machine and the product can be dosed with the aid of a jack. The control makes it possible to set the weight and the number of boxes to be filled via a touch screen on the controller.

The desciption of the machine according to Artimpex:

“Are you looking for a solution to automatically repack produced dry ice in small boxes?

The CRYONOMIC® dry ice repacker (DIR-500) is invented to repack bulk produced dry ice into smaller doses and replaces the heavy job of manually filling. This repacker has an integrated balance that weights the actual weight during filling (filling stops if the programmed weight is reached). One of the most important advantages of the CRYONOMIC® dry ice repacker, besides the replacement of the manually filling job, is that the operator has the time to close and label other boxes while the second one is being filled. This results in more than 50% time saving and no more manual lifting for your staff.”

If you want an offer for this machine, please send your request to info@cryonomic.com

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