Pick & Skewer

SMO developed the worlds first fully automatic skewering machine, the Pick & Skewer. The machine will be launched under the established PINTRO brand name.

The process of feeding the ingredients, the picking & placing on the skewering sticks and the evacuation of the finished products are fully automatic. The sophisticated vision system permanently monitors the quality of the product. The location and orientation of the ingredients, as well as the position of the skewer tip are closely monitored during the pricking process. The machine was developed, manufactured, and programmed completely in-house.

You need only one logistics worker to supply one or more machines with meat, vegetables, and skewers. Once supplied, the machine can run autonomously for one hour. This means that a single operator can supply and keep three to four machines running at the same time. This comes down to around 4,000 skewers per hour, which translates into up to 95% savings on labour costs.

More information about PINTRO and the Pick & Skewer on the PINTRO website.

PINTO is one of our own products.

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