Mountain Railway Screener

SMO developed a tailor-made screening installation for Sersa Group AG in Switzerland. Sersa Group AG wanted a small, easily movable screening installation that screens in 3 fractions to be placed directly on the mountain wall where the works are carried out. The ballast is excavated with a mini digger and immediately screened and reused on site.

Sersa Group AG renews ballast under train beds. Normally, the ballast is excavated and transported to a screening site with a container camion for screening and then returned to the yard to recover the clean ballast. Certain parts of the railway in Switzerland are not accessible with a large crane and containers due to the mountainous landscape.

Our solution is a custom-made frame with 2 FleXiever Mini Screeners on top of each other, both individually adjustable in angle via a hydraulic hand pump. The intermediate fraction is reused to rebuild the ballast under the train bed. A small conveyor is integrated under the bottom screen deck, which transports the finest fraction to the coarsest fraction. These fractions are not recovered and are disposed at a later stage. The frame itself is fitted with sliding plates at the bottom and a movable towbar fitted with anchoring pins. The mini excavator can thus tow the entire machine and then anchor it in the ground against a (steep) mountain wall in order to be able to screen locally in a very compact space.

More information about our FleXiever screening machines can be found here.

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