Beaufort 04: Artworks

Beaufort is a cultural tourism regionproject on the Belgian coast. Every 3 years, they place around 30 artworks in the public space.

For the Beaufort 04 exhibition, just like in the previous edition, SMO was given the opportunity to add a number of artworks to the exhibition: I can hear it, Coast to Coast, The Move Overseas.

SMO received a sketch or a miniature from the artist to get an idea of the concept. SMO engineers then translated this concept into technical drawings. Subsequently, the artworks were produced and placed by employees of SMO.

“I Can Hear It” is a construction of two metal horns, with which passers-by can listen to the rustling sea. This work by artist Ivars Drulle (Latvia) is located on the beach at the seawall in Middelkerke-Westende.

“Coast to Coast” is an artwork by Estonian artist Flo Kasearu. It includes 3 containers, transformed into boats. This work can be found on the beach of Bredene.

“The Move Overseas” is a creation by artist Michael Johansson. This is a construction of stacked containers that can be visited at the Omookaai in Zeebrugge.

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