Beaufort 03: Artworks

Beaufort is a cultural tourism regionproject on the Belgian coast. Every 3 years, they place around 30 artworks in the public space. SMO was commissioned by Ku(n)st vzw to develop various projects for Beaufort 03: Kiosk, Metatron, Gazebos and Holloway.

SMO received a sketch or a miniature from the artist to get an idea of the concept. SMO engineers then translated this concept into technical drawings. Subsequently, the artworks were produced and placed by employees of SMO.

“Kiosk” was installed in Zeebrugge. A tubular construction of 5 meters wide and 4 meters high. Words were hung on this everywhere on this construction.

The “Metatron” construction was installed in Bredene. This construction was designed by the artist Louis De Cordier.

The “Metatron” was completely constructed from corten steel without any kind of after-treatment. The construction will therefore rust decorative in the long term. This considerably increased the difficulty level:

  • Welding had to be done with special welding wire
  • There could not be any welding spatters
  • It was not allowed to sharpen the construction
  • The welds had to be executed in 1 time

In De Panne we placed a construction of 3 sloping houses (Gazebos): “Wild Shore Trilogy”
Starting from a model we received from Ku(n)st vzw, a 3D design was first made and presented to the customer. After approval, everything was constructed and set up in the workplace and finally carried out and installed in De Panne.

Below you can see the “Holloway” construction. This artwork could be viewed on the beach in Koksijde.

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