Trimming machine for insulators

Nexans is a French multinational in the field of cables and cabling systems. It manufactures an extensive range of energy and telecom cables for infrastructure, industry and buildings. Nexans is the second largest cable producer in the world. At their request, we developed a trimming machine for them.

The trimming device is used to finish insulators of high-voltage lines.

The semi-finished product from the mold is deburred, sanded and provided with a unique code on the machine. To guarantee the safety of the operator, the front of the machine is equipped with a light screen. The integrated dust extraction system automatically extracts the burr and sanding dust in a collection container. The laser unit is equipped with a flue gas extraction with filter system.

The operator completely fills the carousel with the semi-finished products, after which the machine performs the following steps simultaneously at different positions:

  • Position 1: Laser unique code on the bottom of the product.
  • Position 2: Deburring the top and the side. At the same time, a groove is cleaned at the bottom of the product with a customized chisel.
  • Position 3: Sanding brass flat on the top.
  • Position 4: Sanding brass flat on the bottom.

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