Tree Grading Machine

SMO developed a tree grading machine for nursary Sylva. A camera system measures some parameters such as the length, thickness, curvature and the number of branches of the tree. After the analysis, the tree is sorted into different boxes. The machine can sort 10,000 trees / hour.


  • High capacity
  • Statistical grading up to 6 adjustable parameters, up to 98% accuracy (scattering by optical approach)
  • Automatic counting and performance logging
  • No disturbing flash lights (UV light)
  • Soil and pollution are on the outside, the mechanism on the inside
  • Low energy and air consumption
  • Silent and maintenance friendly
  • Two types of tree sorting possible at the same time
  • Intuitive use of the interface

You can find more information about the tree grading machine on this page.

Cooperation between Sylva and SMO has been very successful due to a good communication and understanding of both parties. SMO has got vast experience of automatization within agricultural industry, Sylva Nurseries has been in the horticultural business for over 8 generations. This cooperation has led to a one of a kind service and product that has positively impacted the production process. SMO has delivered a well working grading machine on time and within budget with their high quality workmanship.

The Grading machine has become a vital aspect in our day to day working as it speeds up the grading process in a very effective manner. Of course the operational capability depends on the production size of each company. The machine was specially designed for our range of forest and hedging plants.

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