A LED trailer is a mobile trailer on which large TV screens or video walls can be mounted. They are used at events to, for example, broadcast live sports competitions or concerts or to display advertising messages.

Many constructions and lifts for standing screens already exist. But our frames are customer-specific. If the current market offer does not meet the customer’s requirements, that customer can turn to SMO. Machine builder SMO makes those frames tailor-made, for example heavier LED screens or other dimensions than the standard models.


  • Maximum dimensions: Length: 8m x Width: 2.5m x Height: 3.5m. (retracted)
  • Maximum weight: 2700 kg.
  • Stroke slide cooker: from fixed to….
  • Tailored to your screen type and wishes.

The LED trailers are fitted as standard with an electro-hydraulic sliding tube and support legs. It is perfectly possible to build a power group on the trailer. The LED trailers are hung behind a car as a trailer. A driving license BE is necessary to transport the LED trailer. The trailer does not need an annual inspection.

Want to know more? Contact SMO for more details and prices.