Karakuri racking system

Our customer Volvo Cars Gent (VCG) is busy preparing their factory to start building their fully electric model. Due to this increase in variants, the storage space on the assembly line has become very scarce. As a result, they have to make optimal use of every square meter. This prompted them to request SMO to develop a more compact system to transport parts from a pre-montage line to the pre-assembly. This with as little use of space as possible (width) on the pre-assembly. SMO has developed a robust karakuri racking system for this. This for both the rear wheel unit left and right, and for the lower link arms.

Each system consists of 2 manual lift systems, who each load 1 dolly rack. These lifts operate on gravitational force and bring empty workpiece carriers from the upper floor in the cart to a lower position for easier loading. Each rack is equipped with wheels and a 24V drive system to enhance the ergonomics of the operators. The filled racks are equipped with 3 workpiece carriers, which support 2 or 4 parts each. The operator can then bring the trolley to the pre-assembly line with a drawer. There it is coupled to the buffer lift by an automatic clamping system, and by means of stoppers and check valves and things like that, the workpiece carriers are safely transferred from the trolley to the buffer in front of the pneumatic lift.

An assembly worker can take the pieces on this pneumatic lift with a lifter. Once all parts have been mounted, he can send the lift upwards at the push of a button, so that the workpiece carriers end up in the upper return flow.

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