Automatic Trailer Loading System (= ATLoS)

Together with Van Hool and ConTeyor, machine builder SMO has been developing a concept for three years to transport goods more efficiently and cheaper, both internally and externally: The ATlos (Automatic Trailer Loading System).

We call this the Total Supply Chain Concept (TSCC). The crucial element here is suspended transportation and less material handling. This transport system can bring a major change in the logistics world.

The intention is that the producer of a certain product places this product on a specially designed universal carrier during or at the end of its production process. We call this carrier a U-car, these are developed by Conteyor. The U-car is equipped with wheels that can run on a pipe system. This pipe system can run through the factory and make various intermediate stops at for example a particular mounting station.

Ultimately, the U-car is stored in a buffer system that is built up from this tube system. A computer program keeps track of which parts are at which position and ensures the correct order of the products. The buffer system (SDP) is linked to a truck dock (Automatic trailer loading system or ATLoS). This system is the link between the buffer in the factory building and the trailers.

The trailers are built by Vanhool, and have 1 or more levels, which in turn also have 1 or more tubes. The side of the trailer can be hinged open so that the cargo can roll in and out of the trailer freely. The ATLoS system captures the rear of the trailer and connects its tubes to the different tubes in the trailer. It allows the parts to come out of the trailer in a controlled manner, and then transfers the U-cars to an internal SDP system. The ATLoS can also take parts of the SDP system and this is pushing an empty truck.

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