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mkSMO Machinery is the Belgian distributor of MK Technology Group products.

As an official distribution partner, SMO can offer more than 250 different kinds of aluminum profiles. From these technical components, SMO has developed an expertise in building affordable transportation.

In addition to systems with conveyor belts, MK profiles are also used for business equipment and linear technology.

Conveyor belts and internal transport systems

With a wide choice and simple construction of conveyor belts, modular belts,and chain conveyors we offer a lot of flexibility in building and restructuring installations.

It provides many solutions to make the handling of goods more efficient. Technological engineering, automotive, pharmaceutical and packaging industries often choose this MK Technology.

Combined with company automation, this technique of transport is ideal for custom handling. For the development, expansion and optimization of an efficient conveyor system, SMO puts the necessary training and experience at your disposal.

Workshop equipment

The MK operation device allows for a safer and healthier working environment. Fast delivery of all modules and easy expansion through compatibility provide faster and better security for increasingly innovative production processes.
More about the MK business equipment.

Linear techniques

The compatibility of MK profiles with guides provide savings in materials, costs and space. The precise placement of the loop in the MK-clamping profile guarantees that the guide rod extends completely parallel.
More on the linear techniques.

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