SMO is your partner for implementing far-reaching process automation.
Together with the customer, we settle on the most efficient way of working, to increase productivity and/or reduce costs.

Generally process automation consists of making improvements to the production process that are achieved through standard mechanical movements combined with sensors and PLC control. But we can also implement more comprehensive projects, e.g., an entire production line. We also offer bespoke services for these projects.
In most cases, our engineers start from the customer’s concept as the customer usually has an idea about how he wants to improve the production process.

Automation also includes electrical distribution cabinets, machine cabling, PLC control, vision and robotics.
The design of circuit diagrams, the organisation of electrical distribution cabinets, machine cabling and PLC control are all done in-house. We can also work with specialised partners for your bespoke project, for larger production lines or at your request.

Like bespoke machine building, each automation project is a one-off project, requiring extensive optimisation after its installation. SMO does not mind dealing with these teething problems. It is vital, however, that a clear distinction is made between the original agreements and additional work.