Machinery, technology or special structures for your business: SMO aligns its production completely to your specific requirements. The result: customized machines, automation and construction. Whatever your needs of your company are: we can certainly help you. No matter in what sector.


Whether you are considering machinery, technology or special structures for your company, SMO ensures its production matches your specific requirements. The outcome is bespoke machine building, automation, engineering and construction. Regardless of what you are looking for or of the industry your company operates in, we are bound to be able to help you.

We create and manufacture all our technology in-house. We are well-versed in every step of the process, from the concept, the 3D design, strength calculations, welding, cutting right up to the assembly stage. Obviously we also offer each of these services separately if necessary.


From rough industrial machinery to cutting-edge technology. From automated transport systems to professional welding. Our projects are just as extensive as our know-how. At the bottom you will find a list of the industries we operate in and some examples of projects we completed. It goes without saying that this list is not exhaustive. We believe in being versatile after all.

Our company specialises in the in-house production of machinery according to the customer’s specific requirements. We also can take care of every intermediary step in the process. We also offer this know-how separately.


In 2002, Sander Mollet established SMO bvba. In first instance, SMO positioned itself as a technical drawing office. Soon the company rented premises in Oosteeklo to build small machinery and prototypes for customers.

In 2004, Sander’s father and brother (Jos and Lode Mollet) joined SMO. The company also hired its first employee. SMO obviously had to find larger premises. The company moved to Nijverheidsstraat in Waterschoot. As the contracts became larger and SMO’s workforce grew, the premises soon also became too cramped. SMO clearly needed its own premises.

In 2006, SMO moved to a rental in a businesspark in Eeklo as an intermediary measure. At the same time, SMO also took steps to build completely new infrastructure itself. A suitable location was found in Nieuwendorpe in Eeklo. In 2007, SMO built a first production hall (2,000 sq.m.) itself, as well as a main building consisting of three floors. In 2010, it built a second production hall (2,000 sq.m.).


SMO has become a well-known, reliable supplier of customers in various industries. The company specialises in bespoke machine building and automation projects. The company’s workforce consists of a team of 10 project engineers and 15 technically trained workers as well as an administrative and sales team.

Since its inception in 2002, SMO posted substantial growth, which did not go by unnoticed. The company has been nominated several times for an award or a prize (often winning them too), which in turn generated media attention and additional exposure in Belgium and abroad.

SMO is a modern, innovative company that has succeeded in maintaining itself in recent years and facing the future with optimism.


Besides the projects and commissions that SMO executes for its customers, the company has also invested in the development and marketing of its own products since day 1. Currently the company is concentrating on two machines for the meat-processing industry (a skewer machine and a hamburger maker) and a mobile screener for sieving soil and rubble.

Another successful SMO product is a micro-CHP unit that uses wood pellets as a CO2-neutral energy source to generate heat and power in homes and companies.

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