Bespoke machine building is SMO’s core business. SMO is your to-go partner for custom machines when standard solutions are not sufficient.
As a bespoke machine builder, we continue where others stop.

Our projects are very diverse. Our slogan is “anything goes”, allowing us to go very far in certain cases. Budget, however, is also a crucial factor.  We work hard with our customers to achieve the best possible price-quality ratio for their bespoke project.

We do not limit ourselves to specific projects. Instead we operate in various industries, accepting various projects. After all, there are no limits to innovation either.
SMO supplies bespoke machines, prototypes, turnkey projects, and so on.
SMO is a certified machine builder. Our machines are built according to machinery directives.

Everything starts with the engineering. Every project is assigned a project manager from our team of engineers, kicking off a close collaboration with the customer, from the initial sketches right up to the machine’s installation. The engineer develops the idea into a realistic concept together with the customer. Theories can also be validated against practice by building a test set-up to further tailor the final design. 3D simulations are another option, giving the customer a better idea of the end result. SMO has extensive experience building and optimising prototypes.
Development means learning by trial and error. We continuously optimise the design until both we and the customer are satisfied about the bespoke machine.

SMO can also build your machine after you approved the prototype. As machine builders, we have all the facilities to build your project in-house. Our workshops are designed in such a way that we can manufacture almost everything ourselves, guaranteeing a short throughput time for your project.
SMO has its own lathe, milling and bending machine, laser, sawing machine and more. We also have the space and the facilities to build bespoke machines in our own workshops and ensure they are in working order.

But that is not all. At SMO, we also believe in good service, even after the project’s installation. Customers can also rely on us for fine-tuning, repairs and training.